Saya Race Report: 2019 Oceania Championships - Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Class: Elite Women

Result: 1st

First race for 2019! My preparation for this year’s Oceania Championships was quite good as I spent the few weeks prior in New Zealand, staying with my friend Jessie Smith and training on the track alongside a great bunch of girls! Included in the group of girls, was my biggest competition for this weekend, Sarah Walker and Rebecca Petch. They were some fast girls, and obviously were familiar with the track so it was going to be some good racing.

The race format was different to what I was expecting, which basically meant that each qualifying moto lap time was going to count towards lane choice for the next. Knowing I had Sarah in the same race on the first qualifying moto and had the inside lane, I just planned to make sure I stay right on her tail all the way around the track and make a pass on the last straight to get the good lap time.

3 wins in qualifying motos gave me some good confidence coming into the final. Although I was 2nd qualifier (2nd fastest time in the last qualifying moto), I was confident with my lane choice with Rebecca on the inside of me and Sarah on the outside. They both have really good gate starts and 1st straights so I just had to make mine better! My heart was non stop beating so hard prior to the race, and it was definitely the excitement and adrenaline I haven’t felt for 3 months of not racing!

My start was so good, and I knew it. I took advantage and went for it! Best lap of the day and it made me Oceania Champion! And few minutes later watching my brother do the same!

An epic day of racing. It was great to put myself into that exciting and nerve racking environment to remind myself what all of this training is for. Feeling happy and ready to get back to work, ticking off those goals!

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