2019! New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!

New year, new me……. just kidding. I’m the same, BMX obsessed, intense, overthinking Kai as always. We’ve got a huge year ahead of us. The Olympic Qualification Period has kicked off, and every race we enter from now will be counted towards qualifying Australia for the Games, as well as qualifying ourselves onto the team. At the moment, Australia is sitting in 4th in the Men’s and 5th in the Women’s Olympic rankings, so as of now, we would qualify 2 men, and 2 women. It’s going to be tight.

As with every new year, there are new opportunities, and even a fresh start for some of us to set new goals and better ourselves. If there’s one standout thing that I’ve learnt throughout 2018, it is that reaching a certain goal, positive change, or breaking bad habits isn’t a result of a singular drastic change, but rather a combination of the small things done slightly better, every day.

I used to think that to become a better rider, I had to continually reinvent new ways of doing things, whether this be on the bike, in the gym, or psychologically. But throughout 2018, I learnt that it’s the attention to the details, often things that you end up overlooking, that make the biggest difference. If you can make everything that you do 1% better, it’s going to make one huge difference in overall performance. For me, marginal gains have been looking into my daily habits; nutrition, sleep, recovery protocols, time spent on my phone and my social life. All of these things that are too easily neglected add up, and ultimately, make the 1% difference in competition between winning and losing.

So as you plan out your new year and set your goals going forward, I challenge you to think about the marginal gains that you could focus on to make your life even better. This might be putting down your phone to spend time with your kids, walking the 15 minutes to the train station instead of driving, or preparing meals at home instead of getting takeaway. As the little things that you don’t think make a difference overall, could be what is holding you back from the the person you want to be!

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