Race Report - DK Gold Cup Finals

DK Gold Cup Final / 7-8 September 2018 / Chula Vista, CA USA Kai Class: Elite Men Result: Day 1: 8th Day 2: 6th Saya Class: Elite Women Result: Day 1: 3rd Day 2: 3rd Kai Following the conclusion of our racing in Louisville last weekend, we flew to San Diego California, which was to be our base for the following 3 weeks as we prepared for the World Cup rounds in Argentina later this month. Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Centre, which is a 30 minute drive from where we are staying, hosted the next round of the USABMX Pro Series as well, so we got settled in to our new home and prepared the racing on the weekend. This race wasn’t held on an 8m start hill SX track, but rather on the normal

Race Report - USABMX Derby City National

USABMX Derby City National / 1-2 September 2018 / Louisville KY, USA Kai Class: Elite Men Result: Day 1: 9th Day 2: 4th Saya Class: Elite Women Result: Day 1: 3rd Day 2: 5th Kai: USA we’re back! After a couple of months at home after the Worlds, we have set out on our next trip, this time in the USA. We flew into Cincinnati airport on the Sunday prior to racing, and got picked up by DK’s Tommy Zula to be taken to Dayton, Ohio - the home of DK bicycles. It was a very productive few days here shooting photos, talking about new products, and just getting to know the people behind the DK brand. It’s been over 1.5 years now since we have been onboard DK, so it was great to tie the DK visit with

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