Race Report - UEC European Cup 3-4

UEC European Cups 3-4 / 14-15 April 2018 / Zolder, Belgium Kai Class: Elite Men Result: Rd 3: 5th, Rd 4: 16th Saya Class: Elite Women Result: Rd 3: 2nd, Rd 4: 4th We had a week to settle into our new home and training routine in the Netherlands after the conclusion of the World Cup in Paris, and it was race week again - this time Rounds 3-4 of the European Cup in Zolder, Belgium. These European events are just huge, and it was another stacked, long weekend, even bigger than the racing at Verona 3 weeks prior. 118 Elite Men and 30 Elite Women, with challenge riders on top. Saturday’s racing went from 9.00am - 9.00pm! The Zolder track is only 90 minutes away from where we are staying in Wijche

Race Report - UCI World Cup Rounds 1-2

UCI World Cup Rounds 1-2 / 31 March – 1st April 2018 / Paris, France Kai Class: Elite Men Result: Rd 1: 40th, Rd 2: 17th Saya Class: Elite Women Result: Rd 1: 3rd, Rd 2: 2nd After finishing our racing in Verona, we packed our bags (finished packing around 1.00am) to catch an early flight to Paris in preparation for the World Cup season opener. This was the first time that the World Cup had a stop in Paris - the track was very technical and tight, and consequently racing was very close all weekend. We followed the same pattern as Verona leading into our World Cup weekend. Fly in Monday, light practice Tuesday and Wednesday, tourism on Thursday, then official practice + racing from Friday over

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